Assets of “OTP Pension” exceeded UAH 100 million

Assets of non-state pension fund “OTP Pension” exceeded 100 million UAH. Since the beginning of 2017 the fund’s assets increased by 12%, which became possible due to constant contributions from existing fund’s participants as well as 6% growth in number of new participants. Totally there are 31 180 people with savings in “OTP Pension”
“OTP Pension” currently is in TOP-3 largest open NPF in Ukraine by total assets and ranks 5th by the number of participants among this kind of non-state pension funds.
“Another important milestone was reached. We have worked hard on fund assets growth - stimulated contributions and transfers from other funds, increased investment efficiency, attracted new participants – and as a result during past 3 years we have increased the assets of OTP Pension by 4 times. We believe that pension is a personal issue for an each individual and only private pension savings can provide a decent standard of living after retirement”, - says Vitaliy Dyshlovy, Head of Sales and Marketing Department of “OTP Capital”.
Contributions to non-state pension fund can be made by individuals as well as by companies in favor of its employees. Contributed assets are invested in different financial instruments in order to generate investment income and to protect savings from inflation. After retirement, a participant receives additional non-state pension paid by NPF.
To learn more about non-state pension fund OTP Pension and to conclude a pension contract, please visit one of the OTP Bank branches.
For more information visit or call 044 492 34 69.