The Verkhovna Rada adopted an updated law on the 2020 budget. The new version of the law reflects expectations of loss of income and increased spending due to the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine. The planned revenues of the State Budget have been reduced by UAH 120 billion. (11%) to UAH 976 billion. Instead, the expenditure plan was increased by UAH 82 billion. (7%) to UAH 1,266 billion. Accordingly, the size of the marginal deficit has tripled: from UAH 96.3 billion. (2.3% of GDP) to UAH 298.4 billion. (over 7% of GDP). Despite the decision, uncertainty remains today regarding the following systemic issues: 1) what will be the final fiscal gap due to the consequences of counteracting the spread of coronavirus; 2) how to provide financing for the increased deficit (obviously, in this context, the ability to attract support from international financial organizations is key).