Rates and details of the of arbitration fee payment

When submitting a statement of claim to the of arbitration court, the plaintiff must pay the arbitration fee at the "NABU" Association.

The arbitration fee for filing a property claim character is paid in the following amounts:
  • If the stated claims do not exceed UAH 30000.00, the arbitral fee shall be charged in the amount of UAH 80. + 1.5% of the price of the claim;
  • If the amount of the claimed claims exceeds UAH 30000.00, the arbitral fee makes 400 UAH + 1% of the amount of claimed claims, but no more than 1500 nontaxable lows of incomes of the citizens.

The claims of non-property are charged with the arbitral fee in the amount of one hundred nontaxable lows income of citizens established in Ukraine at the time of payment of arbitration fee.
If the statement of claim contains both property and non-property claims, the arbitration fee established for property claims and for non-property claims shall be paid at the same time.
In the case of increasing the size of the claims, the amount of of arbitration fee increases according to the new price of the claim. The application for increasing the size of the claims is accompanied by a document confirming the payment (surcharge) of arbitration the collection in the prescribed manner and amount.

In reducing the price of the claim paid arbitration fee is not refundable.

In the case when the arbitration proceedings of the arbitral tribunal have not taken place or been terminated, the paid party to the arbitration fee is returned, except if this was due to the removal of all judges, concluding the parties to the Settlement agreement, refusal of the plaintiff of the claim, leaving the claim without consideration and other circumstances provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On arbitration tribunals". In this case, the Parties shall reimburse the arbitral tribunal for all expenses incurred by the Court, as indicated in the ruling of the of Arbitration court.

Details for payment of the arbitration fee for consideration of claims by the permanent Arbitration Court at the Association "Independent association of the banks of Ukraine":

Recipient of payment: Association "Independent association of the banks of Ukraine"
Code EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations) 37924657
P/R 26004427654 in JSC " Raiffeisen Bank Aval" in Kyiv city
MFO 380805
Purpose of Payment: "Arbitration fee for consideration of the statement of claim in the Permanent arbitration court at NABU". Without VAT.