Conditions for entry

Members of the Association may be banks that support the Association's objectives, recognize its founding documents and undertake to strictly adhere to their provisions. 

The Association is free to enter (withdrawal from membership) new members. The decision to accept membership is taken by the Association Council with the following procedure:

To join the association, the person wishing to become its member shall submit to the association a corresponding written statement (addressed to the Chairman of the Council of Association). Such a statement must be made in compliance with the specially approved Council of the form Association;

All duly executed written applications for acceptance into the Association are considered at the next meeting of the Association Council. For each of these statements the Council of association shall decide on the adoption or a reasoned refusal to accept the member to the association.

The person is considered to be admitted to the association from the moment of the respective decision by the Council of association and payment of entrance fee.

The following documents are required:

  • Copy of the decision of the bank's competent authority to join the association, which is certified by the bank's signature and seal
  • A copy of the Bank's statute or an extract from the statute of the Bank, from which you can conclude about the competence authority, which decided to join the association, which is certified by the signature and seal of the Bank
  • A copy of the document on the appointment of the signatory of this application to the position or a copy of the extract from the EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations) (if the application is signed by the head of the bank), certified by the signature and seal of the Bank.