General Information


Comprehensively assist in building stable financial system of Ukraine, solving tasks and problems of the banking system for increasing business profitability and development of national economy.


The Independent association of the banks of Ukraine is a powerful and effective representative of the banking system, a reliable partner for state authorities and management.

The members of the association in their work contribute to the development of the banking system, the highest quality of which is recognized its stability, based on the reliability of each component, and the success of each bank depends on the success of the entire system.

Only the harmonious development of the entire system can ensure continued overall growth.

Each bank, regardless of its size, ownership and the origin of capital, performs its unique function in the banking system. The priority of banks' needs cannot be determined by their size, ownership and the origin of capital.

Healthy competition is the key to the stable development of the banking system. An unfair competition is reprobated.

NABU members come together on the basis of the following values:

  • Professionalism. The professionalism and honesty of each banker before the client is the key to the high authority of the entire banking system in Ukraine. The banking community independently creates mechanisms to maintain it. The association uses the experience and knowledge of the best representatives of banking.
  • Responsibility. The big banks are interested in the success of small ones just like the small ones interested in the success of large ones. Banks with foreign capital are interested in the success of banks with Ukrainian capital just like banks with Ukrainian capital, are interested in the success of banks with foreign capital. On every issue of state regulation of banks (regardless of its influence on the interests of all or only parts of banks), the banking community should have a balanced active position, passive position - unacceptable.
  • Equality. Any restrictions on the activities of banks in Ukraine should be called solely by national interests and in any case can not be imposed in the interests of a single bank or group of banks.
  • Transparency. The Association in its work is guided by the principles of transparency. The Association provides independent audits and periodic reporting to members.
  • Efficiency. The Association focuses on the priorities facing the banking system. The Association provides guidance rotation, resource control and rapid conflict resolution.